CHCO Designated Gravesite Program

In the late 1980’s the CHCO began its designated gravesite program. This is a list of graves that are of historic nature or those of deceased members. Most of these graves are marked with organization monuments. They are watched over throughout the year by members and every May, for Memorial Day and during December, for the Christmas season these graves are decorated. Many of these sites are located in adopted cemeteries, however they can be located anywhere. From area memorial parks to the state of Florida. Pictured are several CHCO monuments that are designated sites:

Grave of Edward J. Taylor engraved in 2017. Grave is located in Euesbia Church Cemetery, Patterson Creek, WV



George & Lydie Blocker buried at Historic Micanopy Cemetery, Micanopy, FL.

Ledger crypt Josh Zolman located Glen Haven Memorial Park Glen Gurnie, MD

Ledger crypt of Kevin M. Malamphy at Glen Haven Memorial Park, Glen Burnie, Md.

Monument of Cumberland Mayor Harry Stern at Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland, Md.and Weiss Sally Williams Stern

The restored monument of Chris Staube located at Frostburg Memorial Park., Frostburg, Md

Upright two layer granite erected by CHCO in 1997 at the CHCO Flintstone (MD) Cemetery.


Grave of Chester Dale Burgess, JR. located in the CHCO Flintstone Cemetery, Flintstone, MD


Graves of WWII Vet. Bernard & CHCO Cofounder Katherine Wolford, Rest Lawn Mem. Pk. LaVale, MD. CHCO installed 1992.

Malamphy Monuments erected 2017 in the SS. Peter & Paul Cemetery, Cumberland, MD

Pictured below is the monument of Dr. Frederick and Mary Miltenberger. Dr. Miltenberger died in 1999. His cremated remains and monument was originally placed at his farm, east of Cumberland. In October 2016 the remains and monument were relocated to SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Fayette St., Cumberland. His wife Mary is still living.



 Headstone & Ledger crypt of Capt. Idelus Dye WWII Vet. Rose Hill Ceme. Cumb. CHCO erected 1998. Crypt to the right is that of member, Mrs. Dye died in 2011.

Hughes Monument. Located at Hughes Burial Plot, north Cumb. CHCO erected 1994.

Hughes family monument located at Hughes Burial Plot, north Cumberland, monument restored by CHCO, Sept. 1995
Front and back panels of Union Civil War monument of John Hughes, located at Hughes Burial Plot, installed in 2003.
Graves of Alexander & Mary (Hutson) Shaw. Located Hutson Ceme. Rawlings, MD. Bronze plaque between stones, CHCO erected 1992.Grave of Wanita Garletts, Hillcrest Mem. Pk. Cumb. CHCO installed 2002.

Grave of Vera Bobo located in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, Cumberland, MD

Grave of Jeffery Knotts located in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, Cumberland, MD

Rowan gravesite located in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, Cumberland, MD

Graves of John & Rebecca Klipstein, Morrison Ceme. near Barton, MD. CHCO erected 1995.

Lower McLaughlin Cemetery monument, located Arnold Stickley Rd. Hampshire Co. WVA. Erected 1995
Grave of longtime CHCO secretary Florence Finan. Hillcrest Mem. Pk. Erected 1998.


September 2016 – The CHCO moved the monument for former CHCO Vice President, Priscilla Collinson. She was the V.P. for the years 1990 and 1991. Ms. Collinson died in 1998 and she was cremated. In 2001 the CHCO erected a monument in her honor at her church, the Holy Cross Episcopal Church in South Cumberland. In 2014 the church closed. The CHCO has relocated the monument to the Hinkle-Snow Cemetery located at the Snow Hill Farm on Hinkle Road, east of Cumberland.

CHCO 2016 SCAN0159


Monument for Edward R. Taylor. Located Hillcrest Mem. Pk. Cumb. Installed 1998.

Graves of restored monuments. Father and Son Russell L. and Ronald L. Minnicks. Restlawn Mem. Pk. LaVale, MD

Dooley Monument installed 1995. St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cumb.

Monument of CHCO member Irene LaManca. Sunset Mem. Pk. Cumb.

Monument of Mary Lippold. St. Mary Cemetery, Cumb.

CHCO Monument of Mary Brake, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, UHL Hwy South of Cumberland.

Angellatta Monument. Erected 2002. St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cumb.

Monument of Nicky Byrd. Installed 1992. Located Bunn Level Cem. North Carolina.
Monument of Otto Emmerling. Restlawn Mem. Pk. LaVale, MD

Monument of CHCO Member P. Virginia Williams. Sunset Mem. Pk. Cumb

Monument of CHCO members Samuel and Ethel Newnam. Sunset Mem. Pk. Cumb.

CHCO Monument of Sylvester Lepley Sunset Memorial Park Cumberland, MD
CHCO Monument of member Wallace Wolford and his wife. Mr. Wolford was the care taker for the Bucy Cemetery on Town Creek Rd. Alleg. Co. MD. monument located Sunset Memorial Park.

Curry Family Monument. Erected 1996. ST. Anne’s Cemetery. Annapolis, MD

Monument of Confederate Soldier James Pollock, Pollock Family Cemetery. Mexico Farms, South of Cumb. Erected 2001.

Confederate Soldier John Van Horn. Located St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cumb. Erected 2003.
Grave of first deceased member Thelma Roberts. Buried at Restlawn Memorial Park in Lavale, MD. Plaque installed by CHCO in 2006.

CHCO Monuments of two children buried at Rosehill Cemetery, Fayette Street Cumberland. The graves were never marked. Area family members erected monuments through the organization in November 2007

Monument for Nicola Screvo located in St. Peter’s Roman Catholic cemetery, Westernport, MD. This monument was designed and created in 2005 to replace an old worn marble stone of the same design. The story of Mr. Screvo is engraved. Upper photo: front of monument. Lower photo: back of monument.

Malachowski gravesites located at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic cemetery, Cumberland.
– Monument installed 2009
– Parents of CHCO Member Rosemary Chapmen
Gonder family monument and plaque restored fall 2009, located St. Patrick Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland.
CHCO monument of Leona Espegren located Griffith Family Cemetery Severn, MD
Mrs. Espegren was a great historic cemetery preservationist, she was a member of the coalition to protect MD burial sites.

Front and back panels of the Snow monument erected fall 2009 at the Hinkle Snow Cemetery. The monument is for still living members Dr. Paul Snowand his wife Mrs. Faye Snow.

This monument is a good example of a CHCO family history grave stone.

Pictured above front and back of a CHCO monument dedicated to Charles Griffith located in the Griffith Family Cemetery Severn, MD erected May 1996
CHCO monument of Miss Mary Lyons and military monument of WW2 Vet. John Murphy. gravesites restored Sept. 2010 St Michaels Cem. Frostburg MD
Front and back of McLaughlin monument erected Oct. 2010 gravesite CHCO member Bill McLaughlin. Monument located Oldtown MD. Cemetery.
Gravesite of Elmer Smith Hillcrest Mem. PK. Cumberland, MD
Oaklawn Cemetery
Lonaconing, MD
Hutson Cemetery
Rawlings, MD
Hutson Cemetery
Rawlings, MD
Monument built and erected by CHCO members in 1992 at the graves of Phillip and Matilda Miller at SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery.
Graves were unmarked from the time of their deaths until 1992. They are the great great grandparents of CHCO President Ed Taylor Jr.
.Front and back of monument erected in 1993 to William and Mary (Murphy) Miller. William is the son of Phillip and Matilda. Monument locatd front section of SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fayette St., Cumberland
Ledger crypt installed and unveiled by CHCO on All Souls Day, November 2, 1993 at grave of George C. Reitmeier( See hero story under SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery info)
Carpenter, Located SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland, MD
May, Located SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland, MD
May, Located SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland, MD installed in 2008

Brownstone Shane Family monument restored by CHCO and SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland, MD, 1991
Sager family monument erected in 2006, SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland, MD. Pictured are front and back panels of monument.
Monument for Mary Sager installed in 2006, SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cumberland, MD
Black granite ledger crypt of Ryan Myers, son of MD. Del. Leroy Myers, installed in 2009 at St. Paul’s Cemetery near Clear Spring, Maryland.
James H. Mayne Aurora WV. Aurora Cemetery, installed in 2000
Plaque engraved on Brady moument for Confedrate hero John Brady, April 2007, located Seymour-Brady cemetery Seymours Bottom W.Va. See Adopted cemetries for more history.
CHCO monument for the unborn erected October 2004 at Davis Mormorial Park, Uhl Hwy. South of Cumberland, MD. See Unborn page for more info.
Union Cemertery, Spencerville, MD Erected 2010, Front and back of monument.
Front and back of Confederate soldier monument erected by CHCO on All Souls Day Nov. 2, 2011 at SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fayette St. Cumberland.
Restored Monument of German Daniel Schmenner restored by CHCO in 2008. The monument was destroyed by vandels in 2001. Located at St. Lukes Luthran Cemetery, Yale St. Cumberland
1801 Stone Column located at CHCO Headquarters 400 S. Allegnay St. Cumberland. CHCO Capt. David Lynn Plaque installed in 2008. Near this site is where the Lynn home once stood.


CHCO 2015 SCAN0074

CHCO 2015 SCAN0075

CHCO 2015 SCAN0076

Gravesite of Captain David Lynn, Revolutionary War Solider monument erected by CHCO 2015, Rose Hill Cemetery Fayette Street, Cumberland.