Early U.S. History

Preserving Our Area’s History

CHCO is dedicated to promoting true American History. The Godly morals of our Nations Founding Fathers and the preservation of our Christian, Jewish morals and Western Cultural values.

Recently there has been a movement in our Nation to destroy our Great Nations Past.

For if you do not know your past, You will never know where you are going!


Pictured below, photos taken Fall 2009 of Cumberland, MD area Revolutionary War gravesites that are designated and protected by the CHCO

Grave of Col. Thomas Cresap located on National Park Service property near the C&O Canal in Oldtown, MD. Simon Taylor is pointing to the Kneeling Prayer Stone to the grave of Col. Cresap.

 Col. Thomas Cresap

Pathfinder: 1749-1750 Cresap a member of the Ohio Co. surveyed with Nemacolin the first trail west starting from Cumberland, extending 60 miles to the Monongahela River (National Rd.) connecting the Potomac and Ohio River basins.

Pioneer: He was the first permanent settler of the upper Potomac valley. Cresap built his home and fort at Oldtown, Maryland in 1740 on the site of an abandoned Indian village Known as Old Shawnee Town.

Oldtown was located next to the Great Warriors Path that extended from New York southward. Indians called Cresap Big Spoon for his provision of food and hospitality. After Braddocks defeat during the French & Indian War Cresaps fort survived several attacks by Indian war parties.

Patriot: Cresap participated in four colonial wars and some cases, played a leading role. They included:
-Conjacular War- involving MD and PA boundary disputes (1730-1736)
-French & Indian War- serving with Braddock and Washington (1754-1763)
-Lord Dunmore’s War- (1774)
-Revolutionary War- (1775-1783)


Grave of Michael Cresap located in the United Methodist Church Cemetery, Oldtown, MD

Michael Cresap
-Capt. in both Dunmore’s War and the Revolutionary War.
-Son of Daniel Cresap
-Grandson of Col. Thomas Cresap

Grave of Daniel McLaughlin located in the Lower McLaughin Cemetery located in Arnold Stickley Road, Greensprings, WVA. For more information look at McLaughlin Cemeteries under adopted web page.

Grave of Capt. David Lynn located in Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayette Street, Cumberland, MD. (Scroll down to view the entire history.)

 Members Mary Anna Dye and Ed Taylor placed a Betsy Ross flag at the grave of the Founder of Cumberland Thomas Beall of Samuel at Rose Hill Cemetery on 4th of July, 2000.

(Historical Information by Albert Feldstein)

(Historical Information by Albert Feldstein)

(Historical Information by Albert Feldstein)

(Historical Information by Albert Feldstein)

–The following photos were taken July 6th, A.D. 2008 during Capt. David Lynn plaque unveiling ceremony and visit to his grave at Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayette St. Cumberland. —

Lynn plaque installed by preservations society of Allegany Co. and the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization, corner of Allegany Street and Avirett Avenue, Cumberland

CHCO President Ed Taylor Jr. and board member Dale Burgess just before ceremony

In attendance, CHCO V.P. Mel Collins, preservation society, President Mary C. Miltenberger, Francis Zumbrum and Howard Buchannon
Jean Brinner and Carol Kirchner prepared refreshments

Roberta Conn and Dennis Bittinger

Carol Johnson and Harold Nicol review exhibit

Lynn Decendants just before plaque unveiling. David Lynn addresses the crowd



Photos Taken at Cemetery

CHCO members Leland and Simon Taylor present wreath at the Lynn grave

Francis Zumbrum, CHCO secretary Linda Burgess and James Klipstein review monument

Dr. Catherine Ball of the Capt. David Lynn Chapter of the D.A.R. speaks with those in attendance.

Wade and Debbie Clark visit grave site.

Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization Historian, Mark Jones, places a flag next to the headstone of Capt. David Lynn’s gravesite. Capt. Lynn was a Revolutionary War Soldier who was owner of Rose Hill estate which later became the west side of Cumberland. His grave has become a protected and dedicated grave for the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization.

Capt. David Lynn 1758 – 1835


Captain David Lynn plague and newly added seal at the corner of Allegany Street and Avirett Avenue, Cumberland.

After ceremony, members traveled to Rose Hill Cemetery Cumberland to lay a wreath at the grave of Captain David Lynn.
Left to right: Front row: Susie Winters, Debbie Clark, Simon and Leland Taylor, Back row: Benice Pollack, Ken Winters, Ed Taylor Jr., MaryAnn and Bruce Eckard, Mary C. Miltenberger, and Mel Collins.

CHCO member Leland Taylor reads history of the seal during the event.

CHCO-President Ed Taylor Jr. welcomes guests to the July 4thevent to unveil seal.

Members Leland & Simon Taylor display a Revolutionary Ware area Gadsden Flag. During July, the CHCO is honoring all American Revolutionary War dead, and flying Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags at their homes. Flags are $15.00 donation. Call 301-722-4624 to order.

During July, the C.H.C.O. is honoring all American Revolutionary War soldiers. Members are flying American historic flags at their homes. Pictured is member Mary C. Miltenberger at her home Terra Angelica, located on Smouses Mill Rd. North of Cumberland. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1845. Flags display includes Fifty star U.S. flag, Betsy Ross Flag, Gadsden Flag and the flag of the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization. Also pictured with Mrs. Miltenberger are C.H.C.O. Vice President Melvin Collins and Simon and Leland Taylor. See the Terra Angelica Website at http://www.terra-angelica.com.

  CHCO President Ed Taylor Jr. sons Leland and Simon Taylor and Maryland Delegate Leroy Myers review the plaque in front of Taylor residence