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Merry Christmas
A.D. 2012

Happy New Year
A.D. 2013
Our 30th Year

Photos from Christmas Social and meeting Saturday Dec. 15, 2012

MD. Delegate Leroy Myers addresses the membership

Dr. Paul Snow

Board members Dale Burgess, V.P. Mel Collins, Pres. Ed Taylor Jr., Debby Clark, Linda Burgess

Dec. 1 live Christmas wreathes on tripods can be ordered for gravesites in the Cumberland area for $24.00 call 301-722-4624 and we will deliver them to the gravesite.

Area Resident Ryan Cuba

In Oct 2012 Member held a clean up day of their Flintstone Cemetery located on Murley’s Branch Rd. From Left: Leland Taylor, Linda & Dale Burgess, Ed & Simon Taylor.

July 2012 Member Leland E. Taylor and his Grandparents traveled to Springfield, VT. to visit his uncle and aunt Michael and Jessica Taylor. During the trip they decorated and visited the grave of American Revoluntionary War soldier Asahel Powers at Summer Hill Cemetery. This is the most northern grave visited by the CHCO.

During July 2012 the CHCO set up a display at the Allegany Co. MD. Fairgrounds during the annual county fair. Several members worked the display, however V.P. Mel Collins spent every night at the event.

On Sunday July 1, 2012 members and friends gathered at the Headquarters 400 S. Allegany St., Cumberland to honor and read our 2008 plaque to American Revoluntionary War Soldier Capt. David Lynn. After speeches and the plaque reading. those in attendance traveled to lay a wreath at the Lynn grave, followed by a three gun cannon slute by Paul Schell and Rick Atkinson.

Fathers Day June 17, 2012 Edward W. Taylor Sr. (center) and grandsons Leland & Simon Taylor visit the grave of his seventh generation great grandfather American Revoluntionary War Soldier Daniel Taylor located at Greenwall Cemetery in the Patterns Creek, W.Va. area. The grave is a designated and protected gravesite of the CHCO.

Sunday May 27, 2012 CHCO held their annual Memorial Day service at Sumner Cemetery, Yale St. Cumberland at the Union Soldiers monument, which the CHCO erected in 1991. (See Sumner Cemetery adopted webpage.)

Rev. Alfred Deas, CHCO Pres. Ed Taylor Jr., Rev. Lloyed Hyson.

Paul Schell builder of the 1841 Cannon Fired three gun hero salute assisted by Rick Atkinson.

Saturday May 19, 2012 CHCO Pres. Ed Taylor Jr. and sons Leland and Simon traveled to Mt. Olivet Roman Catholic Cemetery Washington D.C. for sons at Confederate Veterans service to honor Capt. Harry Wirz C.S.A.

Ed. Taylor Jr. and Father Alister Anderson at the grave of Capt. Wirz.

Son of Confederate Veterans H.K. Edgerton address the group.

After the Wirz service those present walked with Color Guard to rear of cemetery to pray at the grave of Mary Surratt. Mr. Surratt was hung by the U.S. Federal Government. They claimed she was involved in the death of Lincoln. She was totally innocent. Recently a major film entitled “The Conspirator” was released about Surratt. She was buried at the prison where she was hung and later the body was moved to Mt. Olivet. Pictured are Leland and Simon Taylor, who placed flowers at her gravesite on behalf of the CHCO.

April 2012

Edward W. Taylor Sr. installs a new sign at our adopted Hutson Cemetery in Rawlings, MD. (See Hutson Cemetery on adopted webpage)

Sat. April 28, 2012 the CHCO held their second memorial service to honor the Confederate dead during April Confederate History Month. Photos taken during ceremony at the Pollock Cemetery located at the end of River Rd. Mexico Farms south of Cumberland. (See Pollock Cemetery adopted webpage.)

April 2012 Confederate History Month. The CHCO is holding two Memorial services to honor great Confederate Heros. Pictures is CHCO member Leo Buddy Roman during the service at Seymour – Brady Cemetery Seymours Bottom, W.Va. Adopted by CHCO in 2004.

The CHCO wishes to honor and congratulate Defend Life, a long time friend of the CHCO. In 2008 MD. State Police arrested several members of Defend Life during a Face the Truth Tour. The arrest was clearly against the members U.S. Constitutional rights. Defend Life fought back and the court had to award them $385,000. WE LOVE IT, May God Bless Defend Life and its Godly members and Our Hero Mr. Jack Ames. Visit his website to read more about the State Police arrest of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s foot soldiers and how they won. 

The Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization 2012 newsletter and membership forms will be mailed in early Feb.

On Sunday Jan. 22, 2012 at 2pm the CHCO along with our friends, the Allegany Co. Right to Life will hold a memorial service at our monument service at our monument for the Unborn located at Davis Memorial Cemetery, Uhl Hwy. south of Cumberland. The event will mark the anniversary of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade court issue that has opened the door to millions of children being murdered in the U.S. The monument was erected in 2004 by the CHCO as a monument for the murdered children.