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Meeting Dates 2013:
Feb. 9, May 4, July 20, Sept. 21, and Dec. 14
All meetings are held at Headquarters 400 S. Allegany St. Cumberland, MD at 2:00 PM.


* Jan 20 – Monument of the Unborn Ceremony at Davis Memorial Park, Uhl Highway      South of Cumberland – 2 PM.

* April 6 – Confederate History Month event at Pollock Cemetery, River Rd. Mexico Farms – 2 PM.

* April 27 – CHCO members will attend the annual meeting of the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial sites. Meeting to be held at the Fr. Rosensteel Council, Knights of Columbus, Silver Spring, MD, Montgomery Co.

* May 4 – Meeting at CHCO Headquarters 400 S. Allegany St. Cumberland, MD at 2 PM.

* May 18 – Members will attend the Confederate Memorial Service for Captain Henry Wirz at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

* May 25 – Members will visit 3 adopted sites for Memorial Day events. At 10:00 AM. members will meet at the Hinkle-Snow Cemetery that is located on the farm of Dr. Paul & Mrs. Faye Snow off of Hinkle Road.
At 11:30 AM members will meet at the Hughes Burial plot located between Walnut and Columbia Streets near Valley Street in Cumberland, MD.

At 1:00 PM members will meet at the Hutson Cemetery located off of Rt. 220 South, just past Rawlings Post Office on the hill opposite side of highway, Rawlings, MD.

Memorial Day Services will be held at all 3 events.

* May 26 – Members will hold a Memorial Day service at the CHCO Union Civil War soldiers Monument in Sumner Cemetery, Yale St. Cumberland. Service will be at 2 PM.

* May 26 – Members will take part in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, McNeill’s Rangers, Memorial Candle light service at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Moorefield, WV at 7 PM.

* June 9 – Annual Heritage Days Festival, Cumberland, MD. A Tour of SS. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fayette St., Cumberland will be conducted at 2:00 PM.

* July 4 – 10:00 AM. Ceremony to honor Revolutionary War Capt. David Lynn. Includes a reading of the Lynn plaque at CHCO Headquarters 400 S Allegany St. Cumberland. Followed by a wreath laying at the Lynn grave at Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland.

* Nov 2 – All Souls Day Prayer service and Holy Rosary at the Shrine of the Pieta, SS. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fayette St., Cumberland at 12 noon.

At 2 PM members will meet for a Memorial Service for All Souls Day at the Flintstone Episcopal Cemetery, Murleys Branch Road, Flintstone, MD.

At 3 PM members will meet for a Memorial Service at the Bucy Cemetery, Town Creek Road.

* Dec 14 – CHCO Christmas Social and meeting will be held at the CHCO Headquarters 400 S Allegany St., Cumberland, MD at 2 PM.


Merry Christmas – A.D. 2013
Happy New Year – A.D. 2014

CHCO 2013 Christmas Social, December 21, A.D. 2013 at headquarter, 400 S. Allegany Street, Cumberland.

Dr. Paul and Lloyd Hyson.

Allegany County Commission President Michael McKay speaks to the CHCO members.

Allegany County Commission President Michael McKay and Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization President Edward W. Taylor, Jr.

Grave of Revolutionary War Soldier Capt. David Lynn, decorated for the 2013 Christmas season. The grave is located in Rose Hill Cemetery. Cumberland.  The grave was restored by CHCO in 2008.

Graves of deceased members Captain Idellus and Mary Anna Dye, Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland.

December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013

All Souls Day – November 2, 2013
Several prayer services were held by the CHCO for the deceased.

Members Dale Burgess, Judy Haines, and Larry Haines visit the CHCO monument of Confederate soldier George Lewis at the Bucy Cemetery.  The monument was erected in 1996.

Members Linda Burgess, Judy Haines, and Dale Burgess at the Bucy Cemetery located on Town Creek Road, Allegany County, MD.  The Bucy Cemetery was adopted by CHCO in 1991.

Members Larry Haines, Linda Burgess, and Dale Burgess at the CHCO Flintstone Cemetery, Murley’s Branch Road, Flintstone, MD.

SS Peter & Paul Cemetery.

Members Mark and Lisa Jones at the Shrine of the Pieta, SS Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery, Fayette Street, Cumberland.


October 31, 2013

October 10, 2013

September 5, 2013

August 8,2013

August 3, 2013

July 19, 2013

July 9, 2013

July 4,2013* CHCO Pres. Ed Taylor, Jr. speaks at the headquarters on July 4, 2013 during the Captain David Lynn plaque reading.

July 4,2013* July 4th event

July 4,2013* July 4th at Captain David Lynn plaque at CHCO headquarters

July 4,2013* Captain David Lynn gravesite at Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayette Street, Cumberland, MD.

July 4, 2013* Members at Rose Hill Cemetery.

July 4, 2013* Paul Schell and Rick Atkinson fire the cannon in a three gun cannon salute to Captain David Lynn – Revolutionary War Soldier.

July 4,2013* Cannon fire

*June 6, 2013


*May 16, 2013 During May members decorated all designated and protect gravesites Christina Taylor visit grave of deceased member Bill McLaughlin Oldtown Cemetery. Lower Photo: Ed Taylor Jr. at Lower McLaughlin Cemetery Greenspring WV.

Leland Taylor and his father CHCO President Ed Taylor Jr. at cemetery tour during Coalition meeting.
April 6, 2013, first Saturday CHCO members pray the Holy Rosary for the deceased at the Shrine of the Pieta, SS. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fayette St. Cumberland. The Rosary is prayed every first Sat. of each month, public welcome. From left: Simon Taylor, Leland Taylor, Rosemary Chapman, CHCO/Rosarian Mary Ann Eckard.

The following photos were taken during the CHCO Confederate History Month, Memorial service at Pollock Cemetery River RD., Mexico Farms, MD. Saturday April 6, 2013

Member of Boy Scout Troop 773 from Potomac, MD. Sponsered by Potomac United Methodist Church. The troop was riding on the C&O Canal towpath near the Pollock Cemetery just before the 2pm Memorial Service on April 6th. The troop attended the event (Perfect Timing)