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CHCO Christmas Social & Meeting 2014




Nov.7,2014 members Edward Taylor Sr.,Edward Taylor Jr. and Leland Taylor traveled to Buckhannon, W.Va to place Christmas poinsettia at the CHCO designated and protected gravesite of Edna Post Taylor buried at the Regar-Teter Cemetery. In 1992 the CHCO placed a footstone at the gravesite. The family placed a headstone on the grave in 1967 when she died. Edna Post Taylor is the grandmother of Edward Taylor Sr.

CHCO Newspaper Article 12-3-14






CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014- 001

CHCO Pres. Edward W. Taylor, Jr. welcomes the crowd

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-002

Rev. Alfred Deas gives the opening prayer

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-005

Cumberland Mayor Brian Grim welcomes those attending

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-006

Pictured left to right CHCO member James Klipstein, Sr. Thomas Beall descendants: John Paul Beall, George Beall, and Kathleen Beall

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-008

Pictured in the center. Chester Dale Burgess, Sr. leads the flag salute

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-009

Local Historian, Al Feldstein reads the Beall’s history

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-011

Cumberland City Councilman Nick Scarpelli places City pins on the Beall family

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-013

CHCO secretary Linda Burgess presents the wreath

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-015

Kathleen Beall addresses the group

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-016

Cannon being prepared to be fired

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-021

The Beall family unveils the monument

CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-023

Al Feldstein reads the monument
CHCO Ceremony for Thomas Beall 11-2-2014-030

On August 16, 2014 the CHCO held a summer picnic at the farm of Lloyd Hyson on Little Pond Lane in Finzel, MD.


V.P. Mel Collins, Juan Artavia, Bessie Halterman, and Dale Burgess Sr


Carol Weakley, Dr. Jean Bialas, Mary Susan Resser, and Lloyd Hyson.


Members fishing


Simon Taylor.
Summer 2014


Flags at Pollock Cemetery River Road, Mexico Farms.  United States, Third National Confederate, and CHCO Flag.

CHCO News Article 8-11-14

CHCO News Article 8-5-14scan1005“The Long children’s gravesite at Pollock Cemetery, Mexico Farms, River Road. The pink granite information monument was installed by CHCO the summer of 2014”

CHCO News Article 7-31-14

July 4, 2014 CHCO annual event at CHCO headquarters at 400 S. Allegany St., Cumberland to honor American Revolutionary Capt. David Lynn.  In 2008 CHCO erected a plaque in honor of Lynn at the 1801 entrance column to the Rose Hill estate in front of the headquarters.

After the plaque reading those present, visited Rose Hill Cemetery and laid a wreath at the gravesite and fired a three gun cannon salute

Capt. David Lynn Plaque installed at CHCO Headquarters 400 S. Allegany St. Cumberland in 2008

CHCO President Ed Taylor, Jr. welcomes all to the CHCO July 4, 2014 Capt. David Lynn American Revolutionary War event.

July 4, 2014. Local Historian Al Fieldstein reads the plaque during the event.

Local CHCO members at CHCO Headquarters for the Capt. David Lynn event.

CHCO President Edward Taylor, Jr. places a wreath at Capt. Lynn’s gravesite.

Cannon salute.

CHCO members at Capt. Lynn’s gravesite.

Geraldine Silvious died May 25, 2014, she was buried with her father at St. Marys Cemetery on UHL Hwy south of Cumberland.

Geraldine Silvious CHCO Monument

Geraldine’s father John Mantheiy’s Monument

Memorial Day Service at Union Soldiers Monument Yale Cemetery

Sumner Cemetary Yale St. Cumberland Sunday May 25, 2014

April 5,2014

Graves of deceased members Captain Idellus and Mary Anna Dye, Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland.