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The Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization wishes you

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

The CHCO Christmas Social will be held on Saturday December 12, 2015 at 2:00 P.M. at the CHCO Headquarters located at 400 S. Allegany Street, Cumberland.

On sale now are Christmas Wreaths on tripods.  The wreaths can be delivered to any grave in Allegany County.  The price is $25.00 per wreath.  To order please call:


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During December new highway signs for the Pollack Cemetery were placed on MD Route 51.  This one is along the highway coming from Cumberland with the PPG Road just ahead.  The second one is along the highway coming from Oldtown.
Thank you Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine and Maryland Delegate Michael McKay.

During November and December 2015 all of the CHCO designated and protected gravesites were decorated for the Christmas season by CHCO members.  Over 800 gravesites were decorated.

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Gravesite of William and Mary Miller who are buried in the SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery off of Fayette Street in Cumberland.  CHCO erected the monument in 1993.

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Gravesite of Bernard and Katherine Wolford who are buried in the Rest Lawn Cemetery, LaVale, MD.  Kay was the Co-Founder of the CHCO.  She died Twenty years ago in 1995.

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Gravesite of Confederate Soldier John Van Horn who is buried in the St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery off of Fairview and Furnace streets in Cumberland.  CHCO erected the monument in 2003.

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Gravesite of CHCO member Renice Pollock who is buried in the Historic Pollock Cemetery off of River Road in the Mexico Farms area, south of Cumberland.  CHCO erected the monument in 2013.

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On Sunday November 1, 2015, the CHCO unveiled another informational monument.  This was a gravestone for American Revolutionary War Soldier Captain David Lynn at Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayette Street, Cumberland.

Guests for the event were Sprigg Lynn and his sons South and Jackson Lynn from Washington, D.C.  Sprigg and his sons are descendents of Captain David Lynn.

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CHCO member Chester Dale Burgess gives the opening prayer.

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Master of Ceremonies CHCO President Ed Taylor, Jr.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0068

The Lynn family unveils the monument.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0069

Local Historian Al Feldstein reads the monument.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0070

Chester Burgess fires a three gun salute.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0071

CHCO Treasurer Christina Taylor places flowers at the grave-site.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0072

South Lynn, Jackson Lynn, and their father Sprigg Lynn.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0073

The Lynn’s visit the Captain Lynn plaque outside the CHCO Headquarters.

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On Saturday September 19, 2015 CHCO members Dale and Linda Burgess invited members to their home in Flintstone, MD to host the September meeting and a dinner.  Members held a birthday event for Dale Burgess, followed by visits to the Flintstone Cemetery, Murleys Branch Road and the Bucy Cemetery off of Town Creek Road.

Both cemeteries are adopted sites of the CHCO.

In the top photo below are members: Faye Snow, Linda Burgess, Ed Taylor, Sr., Christina Taylor, Dale Burgess, Dr. Paul Snow, and CHCO V.P. Mel Collins.

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During the summer of 2015 CHCO members Ed Taylor Jr., Leland Taylor, Simon Taylor, Michael Taylor, and Liam Taylor visited the grave of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.  Coolidge was president from 1923 – 1929.  He is buried at Notch Cemetery in Plymouth Notch, VT.  Shown in a picture below is President Coolidge placing a wreath on Memorial Day 1925, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, DC.  The marble for the tomb was from Vermont.

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During the summer of 2015 CHCO president Ed Taylor Jr. and his sons Leland and Simon visited numerous cemeteries throughout the New England States.

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The Taylors at the home of Michael Taylor in Springfield, VT.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0057

Leland Taylor and Michael Taylor at the Springfield Cemetery gravesite of American Revolutionary Soldier Asahel Powers.  The two visited the site in 2012 and did some research on Powers.  Visit the CHCO web pages for 2012 to read Powers history. 


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Members visiting the Laurel Glen Mausoleum near Rutland, VT.


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During the summer of 2015 CHCO members Ed Taylor Jr. and sons Leland and Simon Taylor visited the famous Lizzie Borden house where the internationally known murders were committed in 1892.  After the home visit CHCO flowers were laid at the Borden gravesites in Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River, MA.

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Murder scene in 2015.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0042

Leland Taylor in Borden House parlor.

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CHCO 2015 SCAN0044

Lizzie Borden in 1890’s and Lizzie in 1920’s.

CHCO 2015 SCAN0045

This photo was taken in the corner of the bedroom where Mrs. Borden was murdered.  This is the dress that Elizabeth Montgomery wore in the 1975 movie when she played Lizzie Borden.

Oak Grove Cemetery Fall River, MA

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CHCO member Simon Taylor places flowers on Lizzie Borden’s gravesite and Ed Taylor Jr. places flowers on Mr. and Mrs. Borden’s gravesites.

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CHCO member Linda Burgess reads the monument to those at the unveiling.

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CHCO 8-15-2015 SCAN0031

CHCO 8-15-2015 SCAN0032CHCO 2015 Card Brochure on Civil War Monuments

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July 4, 2015 – Ed Taylor, Jr. CHCO President and CHCO member Mary Ann Eckard present a Betsy Ross flag to Mary Ann’s grandchildren. Cara Grace Dormarunno (whose birthday is July 4th), Andy Dormarunno, and Anna Dormarunno.  Picture was taken at CHCO Headquarters, 400 S. Allegany St., Cumberland, MD.

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Memorial Day Events 2015

CHCO 6-3-15 SCAN0024

Sumner Cemetery Union Soldiers annual service.

CHCO 6-3-15 SCAN0025

Board member Christina Taylor decorates the CHCO monument of Confederate soldier George Lewis located in the Bucy Cemetery, Town Creek Road.


CHCO 6-3-15 SCAN0026

Members pray the Rosary at the Shrine of the Pieta, SS Peter & Paul Cemetery, Cumberland.

CHCO 6-3-15 SCAN0027

CHCO member James Flanagan speaks at the Restlawn Memorial Cemetery, Cash Valley Road, LaVale, MD.

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Members of the CHCO, Leland Taylor and President Ed Taylor Jr., recently attended the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites annual meeting.  Below are photos from the event.  President Eileen McGuckian called the meeting to order and Barbara Kraske gave a history of the Shrine of St. Anthony.  CHCO members visited the graves of deceased CHCO members, Edward and Nellie Malamphy, who are buried at the Crownsville Maryland Veterans Cemetery.


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CHCO Newspaper Article 4-22-15

April 4, 2015

CHCO holds two memorial services to honor the Confederate dead. April is Confederate history month. The events were at CHCO adopted cemeteries, Pollock Cemetery and Seymour Brady Cemetery. The photos taken of the event at the Seymour Brady Cemetery.









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